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The Power of Single-Entity Development

Facchina Development boasts a team of selected seasoned veterans from the private, public and military sectors charged with enhancing the value of real estate and selected projects under consideration by the firm, its partners and investors.  Combining the skills, experience and contacts of the professional development team with the in-depth knowledge and experience of Facchina Construction, provides Facchina Development and Investment an added advantage over traditional firms. 

The Facchina Group of Companies manages a real estate and development portfolio of twenty-seven projects ranging from residential developments to large green field business parks and formalized commercial centers. The group has a number of public and military projects under development and construction. The build-out value of all projects under management exceeds $2 billion over a 15 year period. 

Facchina Development packages a number of private, public and public/private (P3s) projects for government, defense and military partners in joint venture with our affiliated company Facchina Global Services (FGS). FGS provides high level government clearances, military and government experts and owners oversight teams for classified and non-classified projects. Funding and Funding Partners are traditionally in place for individual projects or are assembled as needed.

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Rob Brough
Development Manager